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The world of Website Design is constantly evolving. Here’s an insight into some of the top layouts for 2016.

  • The Hamburger menu – It has faced criticism by some, but there’s no doubt that the Hamburger menu’s widespread use is easily recognizable for users.
  • Account registration – you’ll see this layout whenever you try to register for a site. There might be a form to fill out or a button that will allow you to use a social account to sign up.
  • Card Layouts – This layout presents information in easily digestible bite-sized chunks. This format is perfect for users who need to absorb a large amount of information quickly.
  • Hero Images – Hero images are currently being utilised in new ways, making them extremely relevant to the world of website design. An effective way of drawing attention to a website is by using bold, high-quality images.
  • Flat Design – This layout has become increasingly popular. Mobile sites and even Google have turned to Flat Design. So, in the future you can expect to see website designs that are minimalistic with vibrant colour schemes.
  • Vertical Patterns and Scrolling – This layout is aimed more towards mobile browsing and this year, it has been predicted that mobile traffic could equal desktop trafficking!
  • Tiny Animations – Animation has been one of leading trends of 2015 and it seems that 2016 will be no different. Tiny and intricate, online animations are everywhere. They are a fun way to help engage users, give them something while they wait for content to load and provide an element of surprise.
  • Interactions – Good interactions are often small but they provide value to the user. From the simplest of alarms to a text message, these small interactions shape how people interact with devices (and how loyal they are to associated websites and apps).
  • Sketch App for UI Design – It is a Mac-only application is quickly replacing apps such as Photoshop. It offers a smoother work environment to craft vector elements for any interface, yet it also retains many features you’d expect from Photoshop like text effects and layer styles.
  • Custom Explainer Videos – The purpose of an explainer video is to give a physical demonstration as to how a product or service works. Many companies, big and small, have taken to the trend of custom explainer videos. Visitors may skim a list of features and still have no idea how the product operates. Videos clarify everything visually and cover the important stuff in just a few minutes.

The world of Web Design never rests. The developments are ongoing and 2016 looks like it will be an interesting year for Website Design.