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Low cost, scalable bulk text messaging

Whether you are a local garage sending 20 personalised MOT reminders or a global brand scheduling 1,000,000 promotional texts, our online platform is perfect. It is packed with cutting-edge tools that let you add content and personalisation to your SMS.

Send your first message in minutes

Our online platform requires no software, simply log in and start sending in minutes. Or…

  • Our Email to SMS system triggers messages from any CRM or email platform.
  • Integrate our high speed API with your existing systems.

EasySMS Bulk Send SMS Text Messages API

EasySMS Features


Single numbers or large groups

Think it, write it, send it. Whatever the size of your send we’ll have your message out there in seconds.

Long messages

Don’t settle for 160 characters, send up to 900 characters per message.

Brand your messages

Send from your business name to promote brand identity, rather than a phone number.


Save time and see better results by scheduling your messages with a delivery time that works best for your message.

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EasySMS Transparent Pricing

No Contract. No Hidden Charges. 

Our SMS text messages are as low as 3.5p, the most expensive being 4.9p per message credit.

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