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ACE Charity

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ACE Charity

Africa’s Children in Education (ACE) believes that all children have the right to education as a route out of poverty. Sadly, this is still not the case for many children in the developing world. ACE is a small charity, registered in the U.K. in 2014. It evolved from the volunteering work undertaken in Tanzania and Kenya by its founders, Ron and Sue Hayes, where they worked with so many children who had little chance of fulfilling their potential because of the poverty in which they live.

Charity Website Hosting…

We were approached by ACE Charity when they needed to find a web host for their existing website. The transfer of the website was completed within 48 hours with no downtime to the public.

Website Maintenance…

EasyWebsiteUK are currently tasked with the ongoing maintenance of the website. Ammendments to the content and additional gallery images are added on a regular basis.

Customer Comments…

“EasyWebsiteUK transferred the recently set-up website for our charity from its initial server to their own both speedily and efficiently. They have now been servicing it for us for some time. Communication is excellent and staff always responds very quickly to our queries about things like updates. We have been delighted by the service they offer.”

Ron and Sue Hayes – Africa’s Children in Education (ACE)

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