4 Quick Tips to Increase Sales and Optimise Your Brand

4 Quick Tips to Increase Sales and Optimise Your Brand

Are you looking for a quick-fix to increase sales? Welcome to the club, so is everybody else. The truth is, it doesn’t exist.

Article by Nathan Blackburn, director of EasyMediaUK Limited.

However, there are a number of quick tips you can follow to build an audience, engage them and sell more through multi-channel conversion funnels. A conversion funnel is simply the journey a user takes from responding to your marketing to buying your product or service. An example would be…

The user clicks the link from a Google search > the user views the product on your website > the user adds it to their basket > the user makes a payment.

So how can this help increase sales quickly? Most companies focus on just one advertising network at a time, either the Social Network, Facebook, or Google AdWords. The fact of the matter remains that all of these channels work in different ways an attract different audiences – so why not use them all at the same time?

4 Tips to Increase Sales…

Tip 1 – Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) service that allows you to bid and, as per the name, pay per click to be at the top of the Google listings. It is very easy to start your own account, just head over to https://adwords.google.com and follow the process. Set your daily spending budget, create your adverts and start get an increase sales within 24 hours. Pay attention to the keywords and phrases you set (the search terms you want to be at the top for) and be careful not to make them too broad (as this will lead to a high spend with a low conversion rate (number of clicks to number of sales). Keep an eye on Google Analytics to ensure you have a low “Bounce Rate” – the percentage of visitors to your website that go straight off without viewing other information.

Tip 2 – Google Analytics Management

Google Analytics is a (free) tool that shows statistics about your website. It shows the source of your visitors (Social Media, Search Engines, Direct traffic etc.) and the search terms they use. It will also show the behaviour flow users are taking when on your website (allowing you to see where users are leaving your website so you know where needs improvement).

Tip 3 – Live Chat

Live Chat is a great way to engage the visitors to your website. They can get an instant response (faster than email) without having to pick up the phone. Being responsive gives your potential customers confidence in your brand too. You can even see statistics about who is online in real time with some Live Chat systems. Check out tawk.to for a great free example.

Tip 4 – Social Media

Social Media is a prime example of The Global Village – everybody can communicate with everybody else in an instant. Because the channel is free it is a very cost effective way of marketing. Social media advertising budgets have doubled worldwide over the past 2 years – so it must be doing something right. (Source: https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-advertising-stats/). Not only do you get direct sales from Social Media, but it also helps with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) meaning you will get an increase in traffic from Search Engines like Google.

If your business doesn’t have time or resources to manage Social Media (or learn Social Media), get an agency in to do it for you. Our sister company EasySocialUK can do that for you, if you wish.