The Importance of a Good Website Design to Increase Social Media Conversions

The Importance of a Good Website Design to Increase Social Media Conversions

Do you want to see an increase in Social Media Conversions? Building an audience on social networking sites is only the first step in getting customers and sales from the online space. Once you’re getting a decent amount of traffic and interactions on your pages from social media marketing, it’s important to direct the audience to your website, where they will actually potentially become customers. Here are a few things that should be considered when designing your website in order to maximise the amount of leads made online.

As google states, “it’s important that your site can adapt to any screen size, today or in the future”. So what does it mean to have a website that can ‘adapt’?

A website with a responsive design is one in which all aspects of each page are adjustable in order to fit and look right on screens of all sizes and still provide the user with a simple interface that is easy to navigate. This is so important because people rarely have the patience to find their way around an extremely unresponsive design when there are competitors that offer a better customer experience.

Calls to action, such as ‘buy buttons’ and quick quote tabs, or even contact information should be clear and easy to access on your website. After all, if you want customers to buy your product, you should at least make it easy for them.

Conversion tracking should also be considered when monitoring your website, this will provide information on analytics, such as how many views your site is receiving, when people visit your site and other useful statistics and how many people are actually finding their way to your site from social sites. In addition to this, AdWords should definitely be experimented with, and the outcomes of each variation should be taken note of in order to find the best combination.

Overall, it’s important that your website design is given a lot of care and attention to maximise the amount of social media conversions.