Design for Print

Our design team have worked closely with EnerSys Odyssey Battery EMEA on a series of publications, from posters and publications and datasheets to social media artwork.


Our designers have supported Enersys with designs for various projects including exhibition panels for domestic and international promotions. We have been involved with exhibitions in Palma de Majorca, Singapore and many other countries (of course, including the United Kingdom).

Website Development

We were tasked with website development for the European version of the Odyssey Battery website. With tight restrictions on style, we needed to recreate part of the United States website, while adding flair from the EU branding, along with multiple language versions too. In addition, we needed to create new sections of the site-specific to the EMEA regions. We were then tasked with bringing in the style of a different website for the Truck, Bus and Utility section as part of a brand consolidation. Finally, we were asked to integrate the site with the US version and sync the products automatically, so when one website is updated, the other updates automatically.

App Development

We were asked about native Android and iOS app development for the Odyssey Battery brand; cost saving calculator. The app is used at exhibitions allowing floor walkers to show potential customers how much money they could save over X years by utilising the DIN-B and DIN-C range of products from Odyssey Battery. At the end of the savings calculator, if the user was interested in more details they could enter their telephone number and email address. When the mobile phone or tablet reconnected to the internet (often after the exhibition), it would upload its data to a control panel so the sales team could follow up and increase conversion rates from leads at the exhibitions.