3 Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking SEO

3 Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking SEO

It is crucial for a business to be as high as possible when ‘Googled’. Millions of people use google more than once a day all for different reasons. Therefore, when it comes to your businesses area, how can you be at the top of the search results and get the edge on your competitors? This blog will include 3 ways you can progress up the ladder and gain more visitors to your site.

SEO Keywords and Key Phrases

Starting off you will need to focus on your target keywords. This will increase hits to your website as it draws customers in using the keywords related to your site. The main thing to focus on when you are choosing your keywords is are they competitive. For example, if you are a Farm Shop from Liverpool you should try and stay away from keywords such as “Farm Shop” as you would be competing globally. Keywords which could work in this situation are “Liverpool Farm Shop” “Farm Shop Liverpool” and “Buy Fresh Vegetables in Liverpool” as they are focusing on an audience who are more likely to use your service.

Using Reviews on Search Engines

Next, reviews are massively important for gaining more hits and help you move up in the Google rankings. Google will rank a site with 30 reviews higher than than a site with three reviews as it looks for websites with a consistent flow of traffic. Therefore, if your site hasn’t had regular hits it will drop down the ladder. Reviews also boost the authenticity of your site as Google will recognise more people have used your service.

Create a SEO Strategy

Finally, creating a strategy to boost content is another great way to increase your ranking. For example, having a blog section on your site will allow people to contribute whenever. Google is looking for websites that are filled with new content as they consider them to be more relevant and up-to-date. It also opens the option to connect via social media and receive all types of feedback from your audience.