Are you wondering where Google hid their blog search?

Are you wondering where Google hid their blog search?

Remember the days when you could search Google by blog posts?

Those were my favourite times.

Back then it was so easy to find blog posts relating to keyword search, which made blogger outreach a breeze; all you had to do was type in your search term and instead of viewing the generic organic results, there was a button called blogs to filter out all the noise and just leave the results which were blog posts.

Get a list of blogs about the topic you’re writing about and, Alakazam, you’ve got your outreach list!

Then Google took it away. No more blog search. No more convenient source for outreach. Back to spammy email lists and social media.

But what…

Actually, it hasn’t been removed completely, they’ve just buried it.

Here’s where to find it:

  • type in your keyword search
  • click ‘News’
  • click ‘Tools’
  • Notice a dropdown appears on the News tab, click that and you’ll see the choice of ‘News’, or ‘Blog Archives’
  • That’s it, click ‘Blog Archives’ and you’ve got your blog search back

google search blog archives for seo outreach

You can add further filters, to search Global or UK only for example.

I hope you enjoy having your Google Blog search back.