Blogging Makes You Relevant and 3 More Reasons to Blog

Blogging Makes You Relevant and 3 More Reasons to Blog

Blogging has come a long way since it was first introduced in the 1990s. Once mere online diaries and moderated newsgroups, blogs have evolved into powerful branding and audience-building tools for everyone from stay-at-home mums to global corporations. Here are the top four reasons why blogging really matters:

why is blogging important

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A Plain Website is Boring

Whereas a website is a place where a company broadly explains to visitors what they do, blogs are much more detailed and give an organization a personality. The structure of a website is strict and generally follows a certain navigational flow. However, a blog is a place where humour, politics, fact, and fiction can co-exist and where communities can engage.

Blogging Makes You Relevant

Business owners are discovering that combining blogging with social media not only makes them easier to find online but also that blogs give them an element of social proof. People who read and like your posts may share them and, by doing so, help you build a trusting, receptive audience.

Blogs Give You Free Demographic Targeting

A series of simple blog posts can turn into a powerful marketing strategy. Giving visitors engaging, real-world applications of your products and services that are both entertaining and informative can satisfy your intended customer and increase sales.

Blogs Help You Keep in Touch

According to marketing expert Robert Clay, only 2% of sales occur after the first meeting. The remaining 98% of customers buy once a certain level of trust has been built up. In addition to helping businesses generate more enquiries, blogs are a way to communicate and stay in touch with the marketplace.

What’s the Next Step?

Get started on your own blog. That’s what I did, you’re reading it! Blogging is probably much more important than you realized. For help with getting started with your own business blog, contact me today.