10 ways to find your next blog post title

10 ways to find your next blog post title

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a blog post is coming up with a snappy title. Many writers find the rest easy. Thinking up the title is the starting point and once it’s decided the blog post usual falls into place. Do you find it difficult coming up with blog post titles? Here’s 10 places to look:

Use your FAQs

Frequently asked questions are a great source for blog post titles. If there’s a particular question you’re getting asked often, write a blog post about it. It might be something you get asked in Sales meetings, or something your long-standing customers mention time and time again. If you’re being asked these questions, there will be other people looking for the answer.

Ask Twitter

Lots of people are starting to use Twitter (and other social media) to ask questions. Not only is this a great way to find out what’s on peoples’ minds, but it engages them as well and creates a 2-way conversation with your audience.

We recently asked our Twitter followers to recommend a life changing book. From the responses this blog post was written.

Google it!

There are 2 places to look  on Google in particular for potential blog post titles; Google News, to see what the latest news items are in your niche; and suggested search, found at the bottom of the search results.

The latter will tell you what other people have searched for, so if you make these your next blog post titles you stand a chance of getting found next time they search.


It’s been around a while and it’s still lots of fun – The Portent Title Builder is really easy to use. Simple enter your keyword, hit search and it will deliver a title. It might be ludicrous, it might be spot on. If you haven’t already, give it a try. It’s not for everybody, but sometimes it’s just the ticket.

Customer Profiling

Currently, this is probably my favourite. Let’s say you sell luggage. There’s not much you can say about luggage that’s very exciting. However, what is exciting is holidays, and holidays create the demand for luggage. So a title such as, “Top 10 Holiday Destinations of 2015”, will get the attention of your potential customers.

Competitor Analysis

Take a look at your competitor’s blog, see which titles are working for them and come up with something similar.

List Posts

I can’t stand list posts! (he says, writing one). Only joking, I love them, they’ve been popular forever and there’s no reason that will stop anytime soon. Everyone loves a good list post. Top 10 this, 5 Reasons for that, 100 Things you never needed to know, and so on.


I read in Search Engine Journal this week that Google is now penalising How-to websites, so I’m not sure how much life is left in the how-to blog post, but if you remove Google from the equation, a how-to post is informative and useful, therefore should hold the attention of your reader.

What you’re working on

It’s obvious, but often overlooked. Whatever work you’re involved in, why not write about what you did today?

Stories and Analogies

The best way to get a point across is to frame it within a context your reader will understand. Stories and Analogies are a great way of going about this. A title such as, “Why selling cupcakes is a lot like space exploration” is sure to make people want to read more.

Armed with these 10 ways to come up with your next blog post title, I’m sure you’ll come up with at least 10 in the next 10 minutes. Remember to write them down somewhere before you forget. All you have to do now is find the time to write them. Funnily enough, we can help you with it! 

If you’ve got loads of blog post titles and no time to write them, why not give us a try. We’re quick and reliable.