3 Elements of Blogging

3 Elements of Blogging

Whether you’re just starting out or have been blogging for a while, there are 3 principles that will serve you well to keep in mind if you want to see your blog do well…
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Write great content

It goes without saying really, doesn’t it? If you buy a magazine and find it boring you simply don’t buy it again. Likewise, if someone takes the time to read your blog post only to find it bored them half to death, you’re unlikely to get a second chance. Blogs are very much like magazines in many respects, both expected to produce high quality, engaging content, and as is more common in blogs these days, both have multiple contributors, all offering their own voice and unique spin on things.

Share on social media and email

Perhaps obvious to some, but others are yet to tap into the power of ‘sharing’, by which I mean put a link on your social media pages and send an email to let everyone you know you’ve written a new blog post. Not wanting to shatter anyone’s ego, but your blog isn’t on par with a national tabloid, people are not likely to habitually stop by on their coffee break. It’s your job to take your content to the readership.

Acknowledge your contemporaries

This is the one most bloggers miss. No-one likes the guy at the party who just talks about himself – don’t be that guy. By sharing other bloggers’ posts you are acknowledging others in your field, contributing to a community and encouraging engagement among your peers. Sharing content is a way to keep a conversation flowing.


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What other basics of blogging do you abide by?

Let’s have a discussion in the comments.