5 ways blogging can enhance your business

5 ways blogging can enhance your business

Does your business have a blog? If so, what do you blog about? And if not, why not? There are an absolute wealth of reasons to take up the noble art of blogging for your business. Don’t believe us? Let’s start from the beginning…

blogging for business

Blogs Help Your Website SEO

Being number one on Google, Bing and every other search engine is top priority for most businesses. The fact is, in the digital world, if you’re not appearing in search engine results, you don’t exist. With a blog tailored to keywords relating to your industry, you’re a lot more likely to get found by those looking for what you offer thanks to search engine optimisation.

Blogs Inform Prospective Customers

Let’s say a customer has visited your site for the very first time. They’re intrigued by your product or your service; they think that, actually, what you’re offering could be what they’ve been looking for… but they’re not entirely sure. Hey presto! They stumble on to your blog page, where it just so happens you’ve written a handy guide that will help them make a decision.

 Blogs Build Relationships

Now the prospective customer has become an actual customer, you want to keep them around; keep them coming back to the site, not because they’re going to buy something each and every time, but so that, when the time comes, they choose you, rather than your competitor. A fresh, new blog post published on a regular basis is a great way to build that relationship. Whether it’s an entertaining blog about your industry and their interests, or a serious one.

Blogs Build Trust and Authority

Have you ever read Google’s blog posts? If you have, you’ll know that they really know their stuff – it’s right there in black and white. They use their blog to highlight just how much of an authority they are in their field. You can do the same. That’s the great thing about a blog. Having a mix of those entertaining blogs and serious blogs shows one thing: that you understand the business you’re in. You’re an authority in that industry, you’re passionate about it, and for that reason, you can be trusted.

Blogs Get You Noticed

We live in an interconnected world.Your blog, your website, is a puzzle piece that fits into the internet jigsaw. That blog isn’t just designed to be seen by those who visit your website; it should be designed to drive people to your website. Create blogs that offer your thoughts, views, opinions and insight into the industry as a whole, that will appeal to those in your industry. Make your content shareable, make it something people on Twitter and Facebook want to click through and read and share with their friends and colleagues. 

Doing so will drive more traffic to your site, more prospective customers buying from you, and helps your SEO, and thus the circle is complete…

Blogging is cyclical. The more you do it the stronger the circle becomes.

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