Blog of the Week

Blog of the Week

The TED Blog runs alongside the popular TED Talks platform, however it offers far more than simple information about their schedule of speakers or plans for the coming months. On TED a fantastic assortment of writers find a space to share their knowledge on issues affecting all areas of science, technology and design.

blog of the week

Photo courtesy of TED Blog

Within the past month alone they have shared articles about such diverse topics as the surreal, tech-infused work of experimental artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo; innovations in the world of landscape architecture; the quest to find ‘stillness’ in our otherwise fast-paced and frantic world, and many other topics relevant to their huge fan base of readers. These readers are interested in the biggest, newest ideas in the world of technology and entertainment.

They also use their blog to expand upon the information that has been shared in some of the most popular TED talks. Since TED talks are famously short in length – usually under 30 minutes, sometimes no more than 5 – a space for further information can be a welcome addition that really enhances the fan’s experience. Other great posts show the reaction which TED talks have generated. The aim of TED is to get people discussing the ideas and innovations that are showcased in a wider context, and their use of the blog to show this in action is a crucial part of keeping up the community’s momentum. 

blogger of the week

Photo courtesy of Clarice Holt

An especially moving post from earlier this month displays the drawings created by Clarice Holt, a young London based illustrator, in response to a talk about refugees. Clarice’s work aims to capture the essence of the talk in a way which could be easily understood, and shared among a variety of different communities. In this case, TED have used their blog to help share Clarice’s work and give her a platform on which to begin to create the changes that she wants to see in the world.

As TED is all about change and community, a blog really is the ideal place for them to cement and share their message. By combining a mixture of practical posts about the events that they have planned with longer, fact-based articles about the issues that their fans really care about they are keeping readers intrigued and informed. Their blog fulfills its purpose perfectly – in the words of TED themselves it is “a platform for ideas worth sharing.”

For these reasons, TED gets blog of the week. It’s one of my favourite places to visit, somewhere I can really lose yourself.