If you’re not already using Twitter for blogger outreach, read this

If you’re not already using Twitter for blogger outreach, read this

using twitter for blogger outreach

If you read the title of this post and you’re not, you’ve got to read on. Twitter is arguably the best place for blogger outreach. Why? Because it’s super easy to strike up a quick conversation (with businesses, importantly), and find out if they accept guest bloggers? In this post I’ll give you a quick run through how this works for me.

There are 3 key stages to this process:

  1. Create engagement
  2. Ask permission
  3. Submit guest blog post

Obviously, before anything else happens, you need a Twitter account, and it helps if you’re already active.

Creating Engagement on Twitter

There’s no right or wrong way to engage with fellow tweeps. I tend to wait until someone new follows me. This gives me a conversation opener: @newfollower, thanks for following me, how’s business?

While I’m waiting for a reply, I check out their profile. In particular, I look to see if their web address is in their bio. If it is, I follow the link to their website and check to see if they have a blog.

Asking Permission

Replies usually appear in notifications (although sometimes I get a reply via DM). Only when they reply, I ask permission to write a guest blog post. I find a direct approach works best:

@twitterfollower, do you accept guest writers on your blog?

They might say no, not much you can do about it if they do. I tend to see around 80% success rate.

If they say yes, agree upon a topic and get busy.

Submitting a Guest Blog Post

I like to get an email address and submit my guest post that way, but there’s nothing to stop you using Google Docs and sending a link. I just think having an email address makes it easier to take care of edits, etc, and for follow up.

After submitting a guest post, I like to follow up in 2-3 days if it hasn’t been published by then.

Is there a gap in your process?

I haven’t mentioned yet the process of actually writing the guest blog post. It can be time consuming, especially if you’re lucky enough to get accepted on several blogs in the same week. All of a sudden you’re juggling tasks and too busy running your business to get the posts written. That’s where we can help. With 80+ UK writers, all university educated, we rarely encounter a topic we’re unable to write about. At just £15 per post, we’re an economical way to fill the gap in your blogger outreach workflow.

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