Now is the best time to become a prolific blogger – here’s how to do it

Now is the best time to become a prolific blogger – here’s how to do it

Everyone can write but most people don’t realise that the best time is now. A lot of people say they would love to write more or even have a blog, if only they could think of things to write about!

how to become a Blogger

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The reason most people get writers block when they first sit down to write is they just aren’t used to the process. You’re asking your brain to magic up ideas from nowhere after months or even years of not being creative. Don’t worry though because as soon as you make the commitment to write every day, the ideas will start flowing. It’s all about habit. Give yourself the space, time and the ideas will follow.

The best time? Right Now. If you want to write but don’t know how – nothing will change. You’ll be in the same place next year. Writing naturally, impulsivley and writing it well is a skill that takes practice. Every day you delay is a day you are farther from it. So the time to write is now but what about the space? Where is the best place to start? 

For me, I couldn’t manage without my notepad. I take it everywhere. I jot down every interesting thought that comes into my head. They might not be interesting to anyone else, but if I find them interesting I like to make a note at the time so I don’t forget later on. It might be an observation about life, something funny a colleague said or even why you prefer Coke over Pepsi. As long as you are strengthening that link from your brain to your pen then the ideas will overflow when you come to actually write at the end of the day. I refer back to my notepad all the time as a point of inspiration!

how to become a blogger

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A blog is your friend. Most people think of blogs as personal websites for the public to look at. They get nervous about what to write. ‘Will they like this?’ ‘Will this get popular?’. Stop worrying and start posting. A blog is for you and nobody else so pick a topic you love and go for it.  It’s much easier to talk about things you love and if people can see your passion, they’re going to love your writing. 

If you start to get views and feedback then that’s a bonus. Use that as encouragement. A blog is the quickest, easiest way to get your ideas out there and get instant feedback from people. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Soon you’ll be struggling to get your ideas down in time. Start blogging today. Go, now… Do it!

Most of all, don’t think too much, just do it. The best time to edit and perfect something is tomorrow, the best time to write it is today. 

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