Say something attention grabbing for your next blog post title

Say something attention grabbing for your next blog post title

Like finding the subject for a blog post, getting the right title for it can pose problems. The title’s the first thing readers see, so it needs to appeal to them and catch their eye. So let’s look at the different ways of coming up with titles for your next blog post. All are equally effective.

Finding a title for your next blog post

The first thing to consider is length. Short, catchy titles are the best. Try and keep them to as few words as possible. Titles should give a tease of what’s to come and make readers think they’d like to explore a bit further.

You can try asking a question in your headline, like Who else wants does x? Or offer a solution to a well-known problem with a simple Here’s an easy way to abc. Lots of blogs start with How to so finding a more interesting way of saying this will make your blog stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be afraid to use adjectives in your blog titles either. Using strong descriptive words like effortless, essential and incredible are a great way to hook readers in as they’ll be intrigued and will want to find out more. You could be even bolder and make a promise in your title with a blog, such as How to sell a car in an hour or Free tips on becoming an eBay millionaire

If you’re confident with language, a pun headline can work. Newspapers – particularly the tabloids – still use these on their front pages and people always remember the best ones. You might not necessarily recall the story but clever, well-thought out plays on words can attract traffic to your blog. Be amusing if you can or use a popular song title or lyric in your title. Or think about how you can incorporate a key service or aspect of your business into it. You can be risqué if done well but be careful not to offend.

An old favourite is the list headline. You can offer readers five ways to do something, 10 reasons to use someone or a million reasons to avoid something. It doesn’t matter the size of the list but the more numbers in it, the longer your blog will be and the more time you’ll need to write it. But list headlines are recognised as great traffic drivers so are worth doing from time to time.

The key to great blog titles is simplicity and relevance. They should offer a glimpse of the delights of what’s contained within it. So when it’s time to find the title for your next blog post you know what to do.