Consumers Ignore Advertising, but are Attracted to Content

Consumers Ignore Advertising, but are Attracted to Content

We are exposed to so many different advertising messages we’ve become desensitised and it doesn’t work anymore. It’s not just happening offline, via television, newspapers and magazines, but online too. On the Internet, there are advertising links and banners everywhere. As we see so much advertising, we have learned to simply ignore it. It’s becoming ever more difficult for businesses to break through the guards we put up and actually reach, and be heard by, their customers.  As a result, companies have realized that traditional advertising isn’t enough and are slowly coming round to the idea of content marketing.

what is Content marketing

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Content marketing refers to a marketing technique, involving the creation and sharing of content (blog posts, newsletters, etc) with potential customers, with the goal of prompting customer action. Great content, which will attract and retain customers, is valuable and relevant to your potential consumers. It provides them with useful information, which is valuable and relevant to them. This builds customer loyalty and encourages customer action.


Identifying what your target customers are interested in is an ongoing process which must be incorporated into your overall marketing campaign. Research is the first step in content marketing. First, consider what your customer profile is like. Ask yourself the following questions:

·         How busy are my target customers?

·         How old are my target customers?

·         What information would be useful to my target customers?

These questions help you to figure out what type of content would be most relevant and valuable to your potential customers. After this, you can craft content that is tailored to the needs of your target demographic. Your content must include valuable and relevant information, it must be written in a voice that connects with your customers and it must be delivered in the right format. For example, if your customers are busy, short blog posts are ideal.  If you want to increase your customer base, start your content marketing campaign today.