How to write content for your target audience

How to write content for your target audience

There are many reasons why identifying target audience is important and there are pitfalls and risks if you don’t. If you don’t know who you’re target audience is you are lost in the wilderness when it comes to choosing the topics and tone for your blog posts. You could end up spending a lot of time crafting what you believe to be the perfect piece of content, only for it to fall on deaf ears because you’re pitching it at the wrong audience. Working out who your target audience is before you start writing will save you time and has the following benefits:

1. You can be more specific with marketing

2. It makes your content more relevant

3. You can better identify your company’s Voice

4. You’ll create content that Increases customer engagement

5. You can discover where to market


How to write content for your target audience

Asking for ideas, when researching, is a great way to involve your customers and build relations. That way you’ll be able to create the content that your target audience wants to read.


Find out where your customers like to hang out. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, Twitter pages and Pinterest boards. See what they’re talking about, what groups they are part of, and what their interests are. This will give you valuable insight into what your audience is interested in, and therefore, what type of content they would enjoy reading.


Once you know more about your clients, create content that would be valuable to them, in a format which they would appreciate. For example, if you sell baby clothes, your target audience would be parents. Create content that would not only be relevant and useful, but in the correct format too. A parent would be too busy to read a long guide, but a short three hundred word blog post would be perfect.


Whether you’re writing a newsletter, article or a blog post, your title needs to be strong. Good titles are short, engaging, and tell readers, concisely, what the article is about.

Identifying your business’s target audience allows you to write content that speaks to your potential customers. This improves customer relations and increases your conversion rate. Start researching your target market today, and begin writing content your audience wants to read.


For your next blog post try some of these ideas and see if it is any better received than previous posts. If you need some more focussed ideas, tailored specifically for you, email us, we’d love to be involved.